Giving Birth at Wellstar Kennestone: An Insider's Guide

If you are currently pregnant and living just west of the Atlanta perimeter, chances are you’ve looked into WellStar Kennestone as an option for your labor and delivery.  There are a multitude of different practices that attend births here including both obstetricians and midwives. WellStar Kennestone has 21 labor & delivery rooms and as of 2014, accommodated 5,456 births, 35% of which were via cesarean. 


The Labor and Delivery Unit is located in the Women’s Center, which is the purple towers.  The easiest place to park is the blue parking lot- just follow the signs to the purple elevators.  When you first arrive on the L&D floor, the admissions area is straight ahead.  Off to the left is a waiting area for family and friends, vending machines, and bathrooms.  To the right and through the double doors takes you to into the labor and delivery wing. 


While there are ice/water machines, coffee, a fridge, and a microwave available for use right next to nurses station, I highly recommend the bistro downstairs for any food and beverage needs. Insider's Tip: The quiche from the bistro is delightful! Since the hospital is located in the center of Cobb County, there are a multitude of restaurants close by as well.

General Info

Although they do not permit water birth, Wellstar Kennestone does offer the option to labor in the shower, which provides an excellent form of medication free pain relief.  They also stock peanut balls, which are wonderful to use while resting in bed or laboring with an epidural. While they only allow laboring women to consume clear fluids, they do offer many different flavors of ice pops to choose from.  It is important to note that Kennestone Hospital limits the number of support people for the laboring mother to 3, although it is not always enforced.


Multiple times per month the hospital offers free tours of the labor & delivery wing.  During these informative sessions, families learn all there is to know about birthing at WellStar Kennestone.  The tour covers many topics including where to park, the most efficient way to get up to L&D, and hospital policies.  There is also plenty of time for Q&A.  I highly recommend taking a tour of the hospital you plan to birth at.


Wellstar Kennestone is currently working towards their baby friendly designation. Baby-friendly hospitals encourage the breastfeeding relationship by observing the golden hour (being skin to skin the first hour after birth,) rooming in, and not offering formula unless medically indicated.  Kennestone Hospital employs a full staff of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) to help with any and all feeding concerns. They also boast a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU.)


In my personal experience at WellStar Kennestone, the nurses and staff are all very accommodating of the birth plan of the laboring mother.  I have seen nurses help with everything from assisting in position changes to tracking down a squat bar. Regardless of your birthing preference, the staff at Kennestone will work hard to help you achieve that.